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One day some guy will fall in love with me, who will treat me like a princess and treat me how I deserve to be treated. I won’t settle for less.

I haven’t been on here in ages.

But I needed to write.

This year has been crazy.

-I ended my nearly 3 year relationship with Eric.

-I graduated from MSU.

But this year has been full of a lot of heartbreak.

Let’s call this boy….Will. Will and I met quickly after Eric and I broke up. Things developed very quickly. But Will had just got of a long term relationship as well. So we decided to slow things down and see each other less, but things escalated quickly. I was so interested in this boy. We enjoyed the same things, had the same sense of humor…it was perfect. But the day of graduation he calls (1 hour before I had to be there) and says he’s not ready for a relationship (and to be honest neither was I). He said we could be friends, but you know how that works. We started talking less and less…and now he never texts back. So I’ve given up.

I was hurt for quite awhile. But I decided I needed to move on. I met this boy…let’s call him Rick. Rick and I started chatting and we instantly hit it off. He lived kind of far away so we would skype everyday, send videos to each other, wake up early when the other had to work just to say good morning…it was so perfect. He was so wonderful. Such a gentleman. So kind, sweet, and caring. He smiled so much every time he saw me. Told me how much he liked me…”I really, really, reallllllyyyy like you.” He reassured me that the distance wasn’t a problem. That he’d drive down to see me as much as he could. So we planned a weekend and he came down and saw me. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this happy. Kissing him and hugging him for the first time was incredible. We laughed until our abs hurt, smiled until our cheeks hurt…we had the same sense of humor. It was the perfect weekend. The day he left I had to work. When I came home from work there was a surprise when I opened the door. I opened it and I cried like a baby. So a week or so passes and I decide to go visit him. He was excited…I was excited. I was going to stay for 5 days..since he lived a good distance away. He reassured me over and over that he wanted me to stay that long. So I went up and visited him and things were amazing…at first. I met a lot of his family and friends…and they all really liked me. I even had a 3 hour long conversation with his stepmom. By the 3rd day I could tell something was up. I have a really good sense for these things. I asked him if everything was ok..and again he reassured me it was. But I still felt hurt inside, because I knew what was going to happen. By the 4th day things were just weird. He was on his phone the whole time..being really distant..just acting really strange. I left early in the morning because I had to work. We hugged and kissed goodbye and I left. I stopped to get gas and I texted him “I don’t think things are going to work out…” he responded “why?” and I told him about how he was acting so distant and weird. He responded something similar to “I guess I didn’t mean to be. But I realized I’m not ready for a relationship. I won’t have the time with work to be able to come see you.” I hadn’t even left his town yet and I had a long drive home. I cried almost half the way home. I was so upset and devestated. He said he needed a lot “him” time. I told him that I’m very independent and I need a lot “Kathrine” time too and that’s why I was so reluctant to come up there for 5 days. I then said “and look see what happened?” He just responded “Haha yeah”. So we slowly stopped talking. I felt so worthless and as though I’d never be good enough for someone. We still occassionally talk…probably text twice a week. But for some reason I can’t get this boy out of my head. I don’t know why I can’t get over him. I recently had to unsubscribe to him on facebook…because I saw he was already seeing another girl.


I’m so hesitant to even start trying to date again. I’m afraid of getting hurt…again. Both times were terrible. I’ve never felt so hurt. Especially the 2nd time.

I’m taking a break for now and just casual dating. I’m not taking anything too seriously.




Snack Sized Green Protein Smoothies
I love making snack sized protein smoothies as between class power ups and with the addition of healthy, nutrient packed spinach my afternoon snack just got better! They’re all great but the chocolate strawberry was definitely my favorite (blueberry basil was a close second though!).

All these work with the same basic ingredients: silk light original soy milk, oikos plain fat free greek yogurt, 1 cup baby spinach, a packet of truvia and frozen bananas. The frozen bananas take the place of ice to chill your smoothie but also give it a fantastic creamy texture! Try peeling and chopping the banana before storing it in a ziplock bag in the freezer overnight. I keep a few frozen bananas in my freezer ready to go! You can make any combination you want so try mixing up different fruits, jams, even nuts and cocoa powder!

For more healthy snack ideas go here!

ps- the jar I used in these pics was a recycled glass jam jar, I save them to use as travel mugs! :)


I just want more people to see this







All of the above.